Fun day out at De Veluwe. Welcome at Multi Fun Bussloo!

Veluwe’s best activities

Looking for a fun day out? Multi Fun Bussloo is located in the middle of the region De Stedendriehoek, centrally situated near the cities of Apeldoorn, Deventer and Zutphen, near De Veluwe. Surrounded by beautiful nature, you can play all different kinds of activities. We have over 20 activities, both indoor and outdoor for people of all ages.

The activities are perfect for couples, couples with children or playable with your team, company or friends. You will be guaranteed to have a Fun day out at De Veluwe.

Plenty of choice in activities

One of the activities you can play is Pitch & Putt. The Pitch&Putt course is located in the gorgeous woods of Bussloo, with well-maintained slanted greens, hills, water parts and shrubs, overlooking the beautiful lake. Play Pitch&Putt with your partner, your children or your friends. Big groups or small groups, it is all possible.

You can also play Footgolf on the most beautiful part of our Pitch&Putt course, where you have to try to score by kicking the football in the hole. Or play Minigolf USA. We have a challenging minigolf course with lots of natural elements and an extraordinary view over the lake of Bussloo that will make the game very relaxing. Especially during a Fun day out at De Veluwe.

Also indoor Fun

Looking for an activity indoor? For the best Lasergame of The Netherlands, come to Multi Fun Bussloo! Because of the lightshows, mirrors and moving walls it will be an unique experience. Or try to escape one of our Escape Rooms with your family or friends.

Glowgolf familie


Do you want to explore the area in a fun and exciting way? Rent our E-Steps or E-Choppers! This E-Tour guaranties a fun day out at De Veluwe for sure! We mapped out a beautiful route for you, starting along the lake of Bussloo, through the woods, along the river De IJssel and through the woods back to Bussloo.

Explore what this area has to offer, enjoy the outside air and the beautiful nature. We can also offer you a city tour for your fun day out at De Veluwe through Apeldoorn, Deventer or Zutphen. You will see all the beautiful places of these cities. Do you want to explore the area without one of our mapped out routes? This is also possible!

All the activities are combinable with other activities or food/drink arrangements. Extra Funtastic for a Fun day out at De Veluwe!

Welcome on our cosy terrace

Take a seat in our beautiful wooden clubhouse or on the covered and heated outdoor terrace to enjoy a drink or have some food before or after your activity. The terrace has an amazing view over the lake of Bussloo and the beautiful nature which will definitely complete the whole experience.

The Wild West!

This area will guaranty you a Fun day out at De Veluwe! Supported by blacklight, the glow in the dark course and paintings on the walls will light up. The course has all kinds of custom made special effects, from flowing water to moving snakeheads. Nothing is too crazy.

We are happy to help you

For more information about your Fun day out at De Veluwe, please contact us by email or give us a call at 0571 – 26 12 12. We are happy to help you! Want to see more? Check Instagram! Enjoy your stay at De Veluwe.

Wij helpen graag!

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